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User Experience Designer and Engineer

UX Designer at Johnson and Johnson.

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Selected Work

Enovation Controls Summer'23 Internship

Conducted comprehensive research and usability study to optimize digital devices for speedboats, trucks, and vans that resulted in 80% enhancement in usability and efficiency, culminating in a notable 40% overall improvement in product performance.

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Neonatal Kangaroo Mother Care app and device

A bio-medical device integrated with an app designed to improve the implementation of Kangaroo Mother Care in low/middle-income countries and prevent neonatal mortality.

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CulturVerse - Sustainable Cultural Tourism

An Augmented Reality based cultural tourism app with 360-degree views for mobility-disabled people to experience real-world items in their surroundings.

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FitGamer - Video Game Addiction

An app that helps gaming addicts that promotes physical health and well-being by monitoring gaming activity, prompting regular breaks, and motivating physical activity.

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Sierra Leone - COVID19 App

COVID19 cases tracking app for Sierra Leone that provides report a case, self-test feature, finding hotspot areas and updates of Global and African covid case statistics.

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Look at the client reviews and endoresements for the dedicated quality work I do in each project.

Sachin Yadav

Co-Founder|Product Head - Job Vacancy Result (2123 Recruiter Service Pvt. Ltd)

A mix of sheer professionalism and creativity, Khushboo is someone who constantly strives to give more to her work than is required. Easy to get along with anyone and is a great team player, which makes working with her effortless. She has all the ingredients of the best co-worker, the ability to adapt to the situation, a Hunger for learning new things, and a never to give up attitude. I highly recommend her to any organization! and wish her all the very best for her future endeavors the very best.

Chinmay Palshetkar

Founder and CEO of a Sports Community initiative - Sportizen

Hi, I am Chinmay, Founder and CEO of a Sports Community initiative - Sportizen. I had the privilege to work with Khushboo last year for designing our Sportizen Platform. Talents like Khushboo are rare and we are happy that we were able to leverage Khushboo's expertise in building our designs for our website and mobile application. She has a knack of understanding minute details and brings the best on the table. My best wishes to Khushboo always..

Shraddha Mittal

Senior Designer - Enquero

Khushboo is a diligent designer who constantly strives to be more creative in her designs and more efficient in every task. She is easy to get along with, a great team player, and always up for a new challenge. The top 3 things I always look at while hiring anyone are - Great attitude, Hunger to learn & ability to fail and quickly learn from it. She nails every single one of them! Apart from being a highly driven designer she is a great person to work with. I highly recommend her to any organisation! and wish her all the very best.

Ankur Khanna

Managing Director - Accommodator Consultancy Services

Khushboo has been involved in projects of strategic importance for the Indian Navy and has ensured the success of each of them, speaks volumes of her ability to steer through complex projects with her dedication, skill, and her hard work. She handled the meetings with Commanders and Admirals of Navy, where she addressed and presented the design in a very confident manner, which shows her extensive presentation skills. In my opinion with the right steer, she will prove to be an asset wherever she works.

Moses T.F. Vibbie

Founder & CEO - CoronaInfo/Healthics

Khushboo did a great job in designing a covid-19 tracking and reporting app and website I was working on (Coronainfo). The first design wasn't that good, but Khushboo stepped in and redesigned the whole app making it easier to investigate, and good looking based on latest UI design standards. Thanks Khushboo for your intervention.

I'm looking for "UX/Product Design Job opportunities". Always happy to chat about your requirements. Let's connect!

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